Sun World

First U.S. Harvest of AUTUMNCRISP Grapes Shows Promise


Bakersfield, Calif. – The first U.S. commercial harvest of Sun World International’s AUTUMNCRISP® brand grape has arrived – and with it great promise for the late season green seedless grape category both domestically and abroad.

The variety will be marketed under the AUTUMNCRISP® brand name and was developed through Sun World’s grape variety development program known for a number of successful variety introductions including those marketed under the MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SABLE SEEDLESS® and SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® brand names. The grape’s lineage includes Muscat varieties such as Italia and Muscat of Alexandria, crossed with seedless varieties such as Sun World’s own Sugraone variety.

Benefits of the new grape variety include grower-friendly cultivation, naturally large berries and clusters, a firm, crisp texture and unique flavor profile with subtle hints of Muscat.

“This first commercial harvest is demonstrating this grape’s full potential as a promising late season grape with beautiful flavor and strong post-harvest qualities,” Executive Vice President David Marguleas said. “Its fruit sizes naturally and easily with little manipulation.”

According to Marguleas, the grape’s firmness and sweet flavor help set it apart from other green seedless varieties. “One of the grapes most noticeable characteristics is its crisp texture which is followed by a pleasantly sweet-juicy flavor and subtle hints of Muscat.”

Internationally, the grape variety has been distributed to select countries for testing. “Based on initial observations, we believe this grape will be a great success in many growing regions and we’re excited to share with our international clients and licensees.” Marguleas said. Our sponsor Rolex super clones