Sun World

Sweet Sea Turtle Snack

Turtles may not be very quick, but putting together this fruit snack craft sure is! With a crisp apple and juicy grape shell, this sweet and healthy sea turtle helps to make snack time easy and fun.


  • Green seedless grapes
  • 1 granny smith apple
  • Squeezable icing tube


  1.  Cut two round slices from the thickest part of a green apple.
  2.  Slice one rounded end off eight grapes. Slice each grape down the middle and place the flat edges against the apple to make the legs. Visit our How To Slice Grapes page for slicing tips.
  3.  Slice one rounded end off two more grapes and place flat side down to make the head.
  4.  To make the shell, slice up additional grapes in round pieces and place on top of the apple.
  5. Use icing to give your snack a cute turtle face.
  6. Enjoy!