Sun World
Where We Grow
Always Smart, Sustainable & Fair
We believe better flavor comes from doing things the right way.
A lot of passion and care goes into every single grape we grow. That means we insist on producing non-GMO grapes, grown sustainably and harvested by workers who are treated fairly. Doing the right thing for our people and our planet is something we can all feel good about.

Rich lands, bountiful rewards

Australia’s climate of warm, dry summers and deep, rich soils provide the perfect environment for Australian growers to produce world class table grapes.

Australia’s geographic expanse of grape production – and diversity in climate and geology – mean fresh Sun World grapes are available from early December to late April. The season starts in Queensland, firstly in Emerald, then rolls south to Mundubbera and finally St George in early December, together with Western Australia. Then it moves south as the summer warms up to the Sunraysia Region. When it’s time for our grapevines to recuperate in between seasons, we also import Sun World grapes from our grape growers in California during the Australian off season, so you can enjoy delicious Sun World grapes throughout most of the year.

Did you know? Grapes were brought to Australia with the First Fleet in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip, founder of the colony of New South Wales. He planted a small vineyard with cuttings from South America and South Africa as one of his first ventures in agriculture.