For thousands of years, the Santa Clara River and its tributaries have been sweeping down from the mountains on their way to the Pacific Ocean. In their wake they’ve created one of the most fertile alluvial plains in the world. An alluvial plain is characterized by flat lands rich with sediment deposits from higher regions. Oxnard has that and many other advantages. Warm days followed by cool nights in this alluvial plain bounded by majestic mountains offer the perfect temperature blend for producing our deliciously crisp LE ROUGE ROYALE® and LE JAUNE ROYALE®
brand peppers in the Fall, extending our annual California supply to seven continuous months. The cool coastal climate makes for large and heavy peppers with a long planting window. Fine sandy soils hold water well and result in taller plants, too. In fact, Oxnard’s rich region is one of the most fertile areas in the world. For pepper growers like us, it’s also one of our most vital.