Once flooded with ocean water. Once a fresh water lake. Once a swampland. The San Joaquin Valley’s geological history has manifested some of the richest soils in the world. This famed area known as “the food basket of world” yields 8% of world’s produce, feeding people from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Early settlers controlled the overflowing waters of the Kern River to transform soggy land into an agricultural mecca where our grapes grow amidst plentiful water and warm rays from the sun. The San Joaquin Valley is our largest growing region. We take full advantage of its hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters to produce a harvest that runs south to north from the base of the Tehachapi Mountains to the Wasco region.

Our beautiful ranches nestled against the Tehachapis are home to some of Sun World’s best performing SUPERIOR SEEDLESS® grape vineyards.

Heavy sand loam soils with high water holding capacity keep vineyards in excellent shape, yielding luscious grapes for you to enjoy. And because the sloped land faces west and benefits from long hours of warm sunlight, we’re able to harvest SUPERIOR SEEDLESS® brand grapes, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® brand grapes and Flame Seedless grapes throughout July.

Wasco’s heavier soils combined with water drawn from the Kern River yield an abundance of fruit, including grapes harvested from July (SUPERIOR SEEDLESS® brand grapes and Flames Seedless grapes) and August (MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® and SABLE SEEDLESS® brand grapes) to November (Crimson Seedless and SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® brand grapes). The cooler climate is ideal for our unique late-season grapes, and helps create the bold red and black skins that look so mouthwatering. We are currently developing new late season grape varieties so you can continue to enjoy luscious grapes well beyond the typical summer availability.