Sun World

About Sun World

World-class grapes: from our vines to your family.

fruit_groupSun World first sunk its roots into the fresh fruit and vegetable industry in 1976. We began as packers and marketers of fresh produce, soon finding our sweet spot as breeders, growers and marketers of our own signature grape and stone fruit varieties.

Today, we are proud to be a renowned stone fruit breeder, as well as delivering superior quality and delightful flavour around the world with our line of proprietary red, green and black seedless grapes.

Because Sun World is committed to naturally breeding the highest quality produce, we’ve established the Sun World Variety Development Centre. At this facility, our innovative research and variety development programs aim to improve the flavour and overall quality of our fruit. We’ve also developed early and late season varieties that extend seasonal availability, meaning you have more opportunities to enjoy seedless grapes throughout the year.

fieldNot only do we place a high priority on the well-being of people, we also are committed to the well-being of the environment. As a partner to mother nature, we ensure our practices are sustainable and complement the land and our natural resources for the protection of our planet.


In short, we’re dedicated to delivering world-class grapes. It’s a tall order, but we take pride in working hard to deliver fresh quality produce that adds a little more flavour to peoples’ lives around the world.