Sun World

Black Grapes

Black seedless grapes are known for their bold colours and exceptionally sweet flavour. They’re overflowing with antioxidants and vitamins, making them a guilt-free snack for the kids. Plus, they’re a wonderful addition to fresh salads or you can roast them for an unexpectedly delectable side dish.

They’re also the perfect summer grape, with availability from our Australian vineyards as early as December. Just picture all those gorgeous summer picnics with Sun World black seedless grapes in your picnic bag.

Types of Grapes

  • Sable Seedless Brand Black Grapes
    Known for their distinct muscat overtones and deep black colour. For something different, simmer them in orange juice and honey and serve with ice cream.
    In Season
    Dec - Mar, Aug - Sep
  • Midnight Beauty Brand Black Grapes
    Known for their full-bodied sweetness, these simply delicious grapes are the perfect addition to ice cream, sorbet and fruity desserts.
    In Season
    Dec - Mar, Jul - Sep
  • ADORA SEEDLESS® brand black grapes
    We love a good nickname and these ‘two-bite grapes’ are so called because they’re around 2.5cm in diameter! Plus, they’re refreshingly crisp and sweet.
    In Season
    Apr - Jun, Nov