Sun World
Our Roots Run Deep
A History
Rich in Flavour
Growing grapes has always been our passion.
The seed was planted in 1976. We’ve been committed to Better Farms and Better Flavour ever since. The focus has always been on bringing the sweetest, most delicious grapes to your table. But we also connect you to the people and farms your produce comes from. This means using the latest growing techniques and fostering the best work environment for our people. Because the way we grow our grapes is as important as the grapes themselves.

It starts with the grape.

Exceptional fruit flavour and food safety top our quality checklist. Our comprehensive process includes state-of-the-art agricultural methods, quality assurance from vine to plate and third party audits — all to ensure the food you receive is the very best it can be.

From the hands that care for them.

Our people are an essential part of our recipe. We believe giving people a better way of life yields a better product and partner with growers who feel the same.

To the earth we depend on.

It’s critical that we treat the land where our vines grow with extreme care. We always farm sustainably, replenishing water, energy and nutrient resources. Because feeding future generations depends on protecting the planet. At a minimum, it is an expected requirement that licensed growers meet the standards of Fair Work Australia and promote the principles for all aspects of sustainability: ethical, environmental and economic.