Sun World

Variety Development

Creating the Most Delicious Fruit

The best fruit varieties begin at Sun World’s Variety Development Centre, where special attention is paid to the ideal blending of fruit flavours, aromas and crisp-juicy textures. Sun World has led the way in creating many delicious varieties of fruit since 1974. In fact, our varieties are now grown on over 9,300 hectares across six continents.

How do we create fruit varieties?

Our Variety Development Centre houses one of the world’s largest table grape and stone fruit breeding programs. At the Centre we maximise age-old, cross-pollination techniques to combine the best traits from two parent varieties into one exceptional variety. And none of our delicious premium fruit varieties are ever genetically engineered.

The team also develops fruit varieties with optimal harvest windows to increase fresh availability throughout the year.

Who creates the varieties?

There is a large team involved – we have our researchers who team up with our professional licensing staff and, of course, our licensed growers around the world. Every delicious Sun World grape you bite into has taken years of work to develop those sophisticated favours, enticing aromas and crisp textures.

Why do we create our own varieties?

Our goal is to produce exceptional fruit, through safe cross-pollination, so you can savour the universal delights of the perfect bunch of grapes.

We continually push to exceed the expectation of our consumers and deliver only the freshest and most flavourful grapes.

The result: Sun World’s proprietary varieties have earned an enviable reputation for absolute deliciousness.