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How to Slice Grapes

Save time slicing your grapes into halves with this quick and easy tutorial

Cutting grapes to mix into your recipe or to serve as an easy and safe-to-eat snack for your toddler can be time consuming! But we’ve discovered this unique way to get the job done fast! Follow these easy steps to slice grapes and get ready to enjoy them in a fraction of the time.


  • Grab Your Lids…

Using two plastic lids of the same size with raised edges, place one lid upside down on a cutting board.

  • Grab Your Grapes…

Place the grapes into the lid and make sure they’re all laying horizontally. The raised edge of the upside down lid should help keep them in place.

How to Slice Grapes Step 1

How to Slice Grapes Step 2

How to Slice Grapes Step 3


  • Slice… and You’re Done! Place the second lid on top of the grapes. Apply slight pressure to the top lid, holding it in place with one hand, while you slide a serrated bread knife between the two lids. You may need to saw back and forth slowly. Then remove the top lid to find all of your grapes evenly cut in half..


How to Slice Grapes Step 4


You’ll never have to wonder how to cut grapes again! If that isn’t simple slicing, we don’t know what is. Be sure to check out our Sun World Recipe Page for great ways to incorporate sliced grapes into your favourite meals.