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How to Choose Grapes

A guide on picking the freshest, most delicious grapes

Unlike some fruit, grapes don’t continue to ripen after they’ve been harvested. Therefore, they should be purchased at peak quality and sweetness. To help with your grape selection, here is a quick guide on how to pick grapes when shopping at your local greengrocer or supermarket.
How to Choose Grapes


  • Check the colour:
    when picking grapes, colour is a good indicator of the eating experience you can expect. Green grapes are sweetest and at their best flavour when they are yellow-green in colour. Red grapes are best when the grapes are predominantly red, and black grapes will be most flavourful when they have a full, rich colour.
  • Check the condition of the grapes and stems :
    grapes should be firm, plump and tightly attached to the stems. Grapes that are wet, mouldy or shrivelled at the stem attachment should be avoided, as they indicate decay. If grapes are at their freshest, the stems will be green and flexible versus being dry and brittle when they’re not so fresh.
  • Check for bloom:
    if you see a powdery-white coating on your grapes, don’t worry – it’s called bloom and it’s a good sign! Bloom is a naturally occurring substance that protects grapes from moisture loss and decay. It may not wash off your grapes easily, but thankfully it is perfectly safe to eat. See our How To Guide about safely washing grapes  for more information on how to properly wash your grapes before eating.

Once you know how to select the best grapes, the rest is easy! When purchased at their freshest and tastiest, grapes are a delightful treat and a wonderful addition to any meal. To make the most of your grape selection, use them while they’re fresh and incorporate your grapes into fun and easy recipes. Whether it’s for breakfast, dinner or dessert, our Sun World Recipe Page has loads of new ideas for you to try.