Sun World

Caterpillar Grape Sticks

Create these fun caterpillars for your next birthday party!


  • 250g black seedless grapes
  • 250g (12) small-medium strawberries
  • 24 white choc chips
  • 1 tube black writing gel
  • 4 pretzel sticks, broken into 2cm lengths
  • Liquorice strap, cut into 2cm lengths
  • 12 x 15cm bamboo skewers


  1. Remove the grapes from the bunch. Press 7-8 grapes onto each skewer.
  2. Cut the hull from each strawberry and press onto the skewer as a head.
  3. Press the white choc chips, flat side up, into the strawberry as the eyes.
  4. Use the writing gel to pipe an eye ball into the centre of each choc chip.
  5. Top each 2cm pretzel stick with a grape and press into the strawberry as the antennae.
  6. Position a 2cm liquorice strap as tongue.
  7. Enjoy!