Sun World
Black Grapes
Premium Black Grapes
A grape to adore
Sun World’s exceptional ADORA SEEDLESS® black grapes are unlike any other. They’re sure to ‘wow’ you with their impressive size and bold appearance. This is our last grape of the season and it comes right at the end of Autumn, extending the grape season in Australia. They are the perfect accompaniment for a charcuterie and cheese board. ADORA SEEDLESS® brand grapes’ deep colour and size (around 2.5cm in diameter!) make them visually stunning and a great talking point.

Product details

Supremely large and seedless
Superbly sweet flavour
Slice and scatter on top of a gorgonzola pizza for a surprising and mouth-watering dinner

Seasonal Availability

April through June, November

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Handling Tips

  • Storage Life:

    Up to two weeks refrigerated. Up to three months frozen.

  • Selection:

    Choose grapes that are plump, firm to the touch and... more >

  • Storage:

    Store grapes in their original bag or punnet until ready to wash and eat. Make sure to remove any spoiled grapes before storing and when noticed during storage. Fresh grapes should be returned to the refrigerator within two hours of serving.

  • Freezing:

    To freeze grapes, wash, pat dry and arrange them in a single layer on a baking paper... more >

  • Preparation:

    Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with warm soap and ... more >

* Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity measures antioxidant levels