Sun World

Frozen Grape Pops

The ultimate light dessert option.


  • 500g black seedless grapes
  • Greek yoghurt, melted white chocolate or melted milk chocolate
  • 1 cup crushed plain chocolate biscuits, toasted shredded coconut or finely chopped toasted pistachio nuts


  1. Remove the grapes from the bunch and insert a toothpick into each grape.
  2. Place onto a baking tray and freeze for one hour.
  3. Half dip the semi-frozen grapes into the yoghurt or melted white or milk chocolate one a time. Then, dip them into the crushed biscuits, shredded coconut or pistachios.
  4. Return to the baking tray and freeze for a further hour until frozen. Serve frozen.
  5. Enjoy!